OAK & RESIN TOPS              

This might surprise you, but the best way to treat this oak furniture is with light cooking oil.

This is a top-tip from one of the timber yards where the wood is sourced. It gives a great finish, which is both robust and stain resistant.

The oak tops can be washed with warm soapy water and a light scourer. After repeated washing, to preserve the fine finish, apply a light coat of cooking oil.



STEEL FRAMES                    

The steel frames have been ground down smooth, acid cleaned, and coated with several layers of matt lacquer.

It is an undeniable fact that all untreated steel will rust. If the frames are damaged and the lacquer is scratched off, any exposed steel will rust.

Rust marks can be easily cleaned with wet and dry paper; after which they must be re-protected with matt acrylic lacquer, (available in spray-cans from your local diy shop).

For persistent stains like red wine, the oak tops can be scrubbed with bleach; then dried and recoated with oil. Sometimes washing the timber will raise the grain, and leave it rough to the touch. If this happens, smooth the grain down with light-grade sand paper and re-coat with oil.

The coloured resin will sand as easily as the wood. Any light scratches to the wood or resin will be hidden by a fresh application of oil.